How to get “Vine Famous”

So if you haven’t heard – Vine is an all new, totally awesome app from the folks at Twitter (for iphones only – I hear android is coming soon) that allows you to record 6 second videos. The videos, then accessible on Vine for folks to see, like and ultimately follow. Wired’s recent article “Why Vine’s Going to Grow Into Something Huge” pretty much sums up how we here at Heaven Cupcake feel about the app. While there are still some kink being worked out, the app is fast proving to be the new way to document your life. Heaven Cupcake founder & CEO Erik Larsen, aka TheCupcakeDude on Vine, calls it “totally addictive” and “the funniest app I’ve used in years”.  Erik also shared a few key ways to become “Vine Famous” (get a ton followers);

  • Have a theme. Whether it’s cats or cupcakes, pick a theme and use it through out your videos. TheCupcakeDude’s videos feature Super Pooch aka his dog & The Blob aka a purple play dough ball that eats different things.


  • Be consistent. If you want people to follow you, you have to be consistently posting new videos with good content. Disappearing for a few days or posting a lame video won’t cut it.


  • Interact with other Viners. Try to make friends on Vine. Find videos you like, comment on  them and even make a video about your favorite Viners. Odds are, they will return the favor and thus your journey into Vine stardom will begin.


  • Use Hashtags. Vine conveniently shows their trending hashtags on their homepage so be sure to make use of those. Use up to three popular/relevant hashtags on your posts and later you can add more by commenting on your video.

Truthfully, there is no wrong way to Vine & most folks can figure it out by playing around with it but we hope that these few tips will prove helpful for you. In fact, we would love for you to post any tips for Vine success that you may have in our comments!

Happy Vineing!




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